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Exhibitions / Awards

Plastic Fantastic (curator)
Canberra Museum and Gallery & PhotoAccess

A workshop exhibition consisting of 4 women who using early Bakelite cameras and period specific materials and chemistry, explored and revisited the pivot of photography towards the vernacular in post-war America.

Here, Now
ANU School of Art Main Gallery

An exhibition of ‘73 parts of a film’ a randomization code that displayed personal and diarist super8 films shot over a period of 12 months. Exploring the relationship of narrative selection and self-representation. As part of a group exhibition of Canberra arts industry professionals.

Fox Darkroom Excellence in Printing Award
Centre for Contemporary Photography

Awarded for the wet-plate collodion ‘self-portrait’’ in the CPP Salon exhibition

The Bendz: curated by Claire Capel Stanley

An exhibition of ‘64 Prints for Exchange’, and installation of darkroom prints left in the gallery to be exchanged with any object of value from the viewer. Part of a group show exploring contemporary relationships with narrative.


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